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Andrei Pandi dance teacher for children at UpTop Dance
Andrei Pandi
Andrei is a leading dance practitioner who has become prominent through his main style, dancehall. Dedicated to educating others for the past 1o years, he has taught thousands of children all over the world.
His passion for dance and teaching has helped him become a role model for children who have taken his classes, offering fun and dynamic lessons. He believes in authenticity in dance and preserving the cultures which have made it possible to create such art-forms

Larisa Pandi

One of the nicest teachers your child can learn from, Larisa has helped children develop their potential and improve their dance for the past seven years.

Her talent and experience has won her numerous dance competitions and awards throughout Europe with her students. Driven by a strong purpose of contribution towards the community she helps her students reach their potential and overcome the challenges that life might present. Her choreography has won several prestigious awards at World of Dance and Dance Star.

Andrei Pandi dance teacher for children at UpTop Dance

Alanis Martinec

Alanis is a dance teacher from Germany with a passion for teaching. She has a bachelor in education science and also worked as a social worker.
In Germany she was training her own kids group for shows and competitions. In 2018 they became south german vice master.
Her focus is on creating a safe space for kids to enjoy themselves and learn at the same time about steps, mindset and culture.