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UpTop Dance School – Frequently Asked Questions

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Why should I sign up my child to UpTop Dance School?

We understand the importance of education and we deliver that through dance. Our classes are more than just movement. Your child will learn theory as well as practical execution. We focus on teaching a solid vocabulary with the names of the steps, improving their freestyle and their performance skills.

What age group do you offer dance classes for ?

Our dance classes are designed to cater to a diverse range of age groups, ensuring that each individual’s needs and developmental stages are met effectively. We offer classes for three distinct age groups: ages 4-5, ages 6-9, ages 10-14.

Do you have dance classes for children younger that 4 years old?

Unfortunately we don’t have classes for children younger than 4 years old. Please contact us when your child turns 4.

What type of subscription do you offer?

Our fees cover the classes for a term, which consists of 12 weeks of dance classes. If you start after the term begins, you’ll need to make a payment of £12 for each class left in the term, covering the remaining sessions in one lump sum. We show the term and holiday dates on our website at www.uptopdance.com/timetable when each term starts.

We have special discounts for siblings. If your children join after the term begins, each child gets a 15% discount.

For a full-term subscription, there’s a siblings discount of £20 per child .

What dance styles will my child learn?

At UpTop Dance School, your child will have the opportunity to learn an array of street dance styles, with a primary emphasis on hip-hop and dancehall.

Do I need to bring anything to class?

Please wear comfortable clothes and bring a bottle of water.

Are there any performance opportunities for students?

At UpTop Dance, children will be given the chance to showcase their skills at our annual end-of-school showcase in July and participate in individual dance battles scheduled throughout the year. Additionally, our advanced and intermediate groups also have various performance opportunities throughout the year.

Can parents observe their child's dance class?

While parents are not allowed to remain inside the dance studio during classes, you can watch your child’s progress from outside the glass entry door. We believe this minimizes distractions and ensures a focused learning environment.

Where can I get an UpTop Dance t-shirt for my child?

To get an UpTop Dance t-shirt for your child, please contact us at contact@uptopdance.com or call us at 07594747889 for pricing details. We will be happy to assist you in obtaining a t-shirt. You can also let us know, and we’ll bring the t-shirt to the next scheduled dance class for your convenience.

Does UpTop Dance School have a uniform?

Currently, UpTop Dance does not require a mandatory uniform for our students. However, we do encourage children to wear the UpTop Dance t-shirt as it fosters a sense of unity and discipline within the dance community. While not mandatory, it helps create a cohesive atmosphere during classes.